President & CEO Dr. Alan Lowell Discusses M&M Enterprises

Our Story

M&M Enterprises LLC. was born 12 years ago based and founded on the principle that all things are actually not created equal, in business and marketing that is. We believe that Chiropractic Physicians all possess the desire to heal patients, but most do not possess the skill to acquire them continuously. Statistical studies back our theory, and chances are that if you are looking for a Personal Injury Consultant, you don't need a study to agree with us. Our clients are anything but "typical", and hold us accountable to a higher standard. In most circumstances, by the time our phone rings, chances are that you have already spent a pretty penny with other consultants, who all subscribe to the same generic advise on acquiring patients, which is boring, ineffective, over-utilized, and out-dated. So, as we converse with you about our approach, and how we are atypical, the initial skepticism wears away, and how quickly you become engaged in our initial consultation. But, lip-service takes you no where. If you haven't already, view our testimonial section because with our clients, the proof is in the pudding, and we don't just serve one flavor. We have served over 1200 Chiropractic Physicians over the last 12 years. You may think that is a lot, or a little, however, we believe that we have yet to even scratch the surface. Our flagship program, M&M's Personal Injury 105 sessions was created to teach you how to acquire more personal injury patients that you ever dreamt.  If we were able to compare our Personal Injury 105 sessions to any mass product that you may be familiar with, we would say it's like P90X. Intense, High Powered, Results beyond your wildest dreams. However, if you engage us for Personal Injury 105, and you don't exercise, and apply the information, what results can you expect? You may be better off eating at In-And-Out-Burger and settling for Mediocrity. We are not for everyone, and everyone is not for us. As you may be selective (and you should be) to where your hard earned dollars go, we apply the same methodology with our clients. We limit our baseline clientele purposely, because quite honestly what we do is very hard work. But, at the end of the day, our mission statement remains the same. "To deliver trusted and innovative consulting solutions to the complex business challenges faced by Chiropractic Physicians within an extraordinary service platform."  We welcome you to M&M Enterprises. Grab a seat, were going to be here for a while.

By The Numbers                                                                  

Number of Clients: Approximately 1200

Collective Consulting Hours Per Year by M&M: 3,880.00

States in which the firm conducts business: 43

How many times Dr. Alan calls tech support every week: 5


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