Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management (I.P.M.) includes the diagnosis and treatment of pain and related disorders by applying techniques that directly interact with structures mediating pain.

At M&M , we recognize that Chiropractic Physicians treatment protocol is to naturally provide their patient with restorative adjusting, or employing manipulative techniques along with rehabilitative procedures to provide for proper body and spinal function. Unfortunately, there are some cases in which “limitation of matter” occurs.  Unfortunately patients acute pain or chronic condition can lead to the frustration of the doctor and patient.  As a result, the distressed and dismayed patient often seeks other health care disciplines for relief, having exiting the D.C.'s office rarely to return.

At M&M, we are always two steps ahead, and solution conscious.  On you and your patients behalf, we have sought out and investigated a select few of the most esteemed and auspicious Interventional Pain Management groups to provide medical services on site, if the model fits. These medical groups have been working with Chiropractic Physicians for years, and are Chiropractic friendly, board certified, and licensed in your state. These specialists will provide and administer procedures based on medical necessity. These procedures might include, but are not limited to :

  • S.I. Joint Injection
  • Facet blocks
  • Lumbosacral injection
  • Epidurals
  • Rosotomies
  • Nerve ablation
  • Discograms.

The majority of these procedures are performed in your office with a (c-arm) or radio fluoroscopy unit provided by the medical groups expense, not yours. Other procedures are conducted at a local Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC).

You will be introduced to a Certified National Health Care Law Firm that provides for the legalize assessment and structure of such an arrangement in all 50 states , when applicable.

Interventional Pain Management in your practice provides you the opportunity to keep your patient in your office, as your patient, when Chiropractic care has not ameliorated their symptoms. Traditionally, when patients do not get the relief they sought from Chiropractic care, they seek other health care professional services. By incorporating these services within your practice, it pre-disposes your practice, should the model fit, could not only add passive income to your office, but leads to a manifest of referrals from outside sources such as M.D.’s, and local personal injury attorneys.

Part of the responsibility we take as leading consultants is introducing tangible revenue streams that inherently increase practice value. The Chiropractic office that adopts I.P.M recognizes that the most effective and successful practitioners simply cannot rely on being a one trick pony.  Organic growth is only part of the solution to achieving the level of success you set yourself to achieve. Allow us to consult with you, and discuss how incorporating Interventional Pain Management within your practice can, and will, allow your practice to increase in valuation, so that ultimately one-day sell your practice to its fullest potential.