Medical Exchange Place

Our newest and perhaps most exciting endeavor, Medical Exchange Place (MEP) was created to address a very real need in a very under-served market. Succession. We are often called upon to consult on many phases within the life of a physicians practice. From launch, to retirement, we have been instrumental on many delicate intricacies that are part of the life-cycle.  However,  after serving thousands of practices over the last decade, we have come to realize that succession is often talked about, but rarely implemented. If part of your succession plan is to be acquired by another physician, what are your plans? Where do you go to put your practice in the market? Particularly, where do you go where there are interested parties on the other side of the equation, eager to acquire? Welcome to Medical Exchange Place. 

Medical Exchange Place provides a platform that directly connects buyers and sellers of medical practices under your own terms. We call this exchange deal-flow.

How it works

A practitioner will register as either a seller or buyer. Once registration is complete, a buyer will be able to search and view details about the practices for sale in the marketplace. A buyer can send an inquiry on a practice they are interested in acquiring through the sites private message system. A seller can list a practice for sale from their dashboard once they complete the registration process. There is no cost to sellers. Buyers pay a monthly subscription fee. 

Our virtual marketplace serves exclusively as a conduit between buyer and seller. We do not provide valuation services (although we have professionals on our partner page that serve as specialists), nor do we get involved with the legalese in striking a deal. We act solely as the conduit.

The inherent need for this exchange is so evident,  that we needed to dedicate a separate website to house all of the buyers and sellers. Please click below to enter the exchange. The website soon to be launched for this exchange will be