M&M Prime

Financial Factoring Division of M&M Enterprises

After working intimately with Chiropractic Physicians for over twelve years, we have come to the understanding that the ability to scale a practice can be challenging. Having access to working capital enables you to take care of business. Unfortunately, meeting these obligations can be challenging, even if you have a thriving practice. It is no secret that insurance companies are in business to collect as much in premiums as possible, and not pay claims, or delay payment as long as possible. However, when they do facilitate payment, they are not exactly expediting your claim. In fact, chances are that you have an employee working for you (if your not taking action yourself) who is spending too much time dealing with insurance company malarkey.  

Have you ever heard the expression "Time is Money?" Or better yet, have you ever tried to calculate the opportunity cost of dealing with such carriers?  In all likelihood, you have never run the numbers. Additionally, dealing with insurance companies isn't what you signed up for when you applied to Chiropractic College.  Luckily for you, we have crunched the numbers, and have come up with the following theory:

At the end of the day, by the time you pay an employee to quarrel with the insurance companies, or task yourself with this undertaking,  under most circumstances Chiropractic factoring could greatly benefit your practice. 

Our newly launched division, M&M Prime is dedicated to helping you in procuring working capital to not only meet your business obligations, but to provide additional cash in your operating account.

How do we do this you ask? Rather than just send you off on your merry way, we could only launch this unit by putting our own skin in the game.  We have officially partnered with a leading financial institution whose core service is providing capital to Chiropractic professionals with pending account receivables. 

By "Institutionalizing" this partnership, we are positioned to leverage our size and scale with the insurance carriers more effectively than the individual practitioner. To explain this better, let's get into some history. You, the individual practitioner are David. The insurance carrier is Goliath. Contrary to the story, probability dictates that you will not end up the victor. 

We have fabricated impenetrable armor to face Goliath, and are not afraid to deploy our troops and use the aggregate of claims as ammunition to demand payment. This strategy is what has allowed us to launch M&M Prime. 

M&M Prime puts the authority back in your hands. By monetizing your business, you re-establish command of your practice and resume the roll of entrepreneur. How many times have you thought to yourself "If I only had additional working capital, I could (fill in the blank)." Well, dear clients and prospects, worry no more.

M&M Prime, on your behalf provides you with access to institutional lending sources. We have negotiated at institutional levels to bring you the most favorable asset based lending, and purchasing programs in the industry.  Taking on this role provides you with funding in the following claim types:

- Medicare

- Medicaid

- Commercial Insurance

- Personal Injury (LOP, Medical Liens)

- Workers Compensation

- No Fault/PIP

If you are interested in procuring additional information, even if you are just curious on how to leverage factoring within your practice, please fill out below form, or contact our team of specialists. Any correspondence is held in the strictest of confidence. Remember, this division of M&M was launched out of necessity, and specific to the lending needs of the Chiropractic Physician. There is no one who better understands your needs than M&M. Prime can help you get to your next destination. Click below to access form.