Personal Injury 105

You have just taken the first step to acquire marketing strategies that are predominantely indigenous to personal injury that can potentially take your practice to the next level. You have come this far, but would you be willing to go a bit further? This is Personal Injury 105.

Personal Injury 105 provides Chiropractors with out of the box, state of the art marketing and business development strategies, that is exclusive to clients of ours alone. As a client of Personal Injury 105, you will benefit from one-on-one personal coaching/marketing provided by our Personal Injury authority, Dr. Alan. The Personal Injury 105 consulting sessions also include modern,cutting edge strategies in marketing to W.C. and the PPO patient alike. After we complete approximately 8 hours of content delivery and consulting over a 6-8 week period, our commitment does not end there. Back by popular demand, we complete the sessions by “Role Playing”, to ensure the client “got it”, and is ready to go out and implement. You need to know, that we move forward with each session at your pace, not ours, as we recognize every client has a varied learning capacity. We find that our doctors say that the marketing info is not arduous, but voluminous, and all encompassing. Isn't that sweet?

Why do we call it Personal Injury 105? Because chances are, that you have tried Personal Injury 101, 102, 103, & 104 through other consultants, and lets face it, you need more. We promise not to bore you, nor waste your time and money with marketing agendas that you have already tried and found ineffective, such as: Radio, T.V., Newspaper, Direct mail, Val Pac, Bill Board, Spinal Screenings, Massage Events, Collision Places, Towing Companies, Social Media, Groupon, Dinner with Doc's, referrals from local hospitals, responding to motor vehicle accident reports, etc. We hope you brought your appetite with you, because we are about to serve you a 8 course meal..of information, that is. Dr. Alan is the chief cook, bottle-washer and the culinary artist. You are the patron.

You will learn why ninety percent of P.I. patients end up in ten percent of P.I. practitioners offices, and you will become part of that prestigious club. You will be taught the in’s and outs of the P.I. carriers, how they think and operate.

If we haven't peaked your interest just yet, we may have failed to deliver our message accurately. Let us give it one more shot, but with a little flair this time. Our marketing and business development agenda's are the most innovative and successful in the industry. These are proven methods, and are the best kept secrets that are exclusive to clients of M&M. We hold the keys to your success, are you willing to take the first step?